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Video Interviews With Heartfelt Leaders


Here's to all Heartfelt Leaders.  The Mandela's (we need some more).  The smart, yet kind.  The tough, yet warm-hearted.  You can make fun of them, call them hopelessly naive, even put them down and hurt them.  And yet, they will forgive you because they truly believe that you know not what you do.  They push the human race into fulfilling what is possible as a human being.  They don't act vindictively, retaliate against those who have hurt their world, nor abandon those who are hurting in it.  And while some may see them as Pollyannas, we see them as the heart and soul of this planet.  Because the people who are daring enough to care, in a world that calls them a fool for doing so, are the ones who just might heal it.

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Teresa Laraba
You will be remembered...with LUV.


Donald Stamets
Area Managing Director
Omni Hotels
Todd Wilcox
Patriot Defense Group
Howard Behar
Former President
Starbucks Coffee
Colleen Barrett
President Emeritus
Southwest Airlines
The late Teresa Laraba
Senior VP, Customers
Southwest Airlines

Ellen Torbert
VP, Diversity & Inclusion
Southwest Airlines
Tim Hindes
Stay Metrics
Alan Brown
Mike Wargo
Hospice Foundation
Garry Ridge
President & CEO
WD-40 Company

Mike Wall
Acting President and CEO
St. John's Hospital
Britt Berrett, President
Texas Health Presbyterian
Hospital Dallas (Part 1)
Britt Berrett, President
Texas Health Presbyterian
Hospital Dallas (Part 2)
Tony Maione
President & CEO
United Way RI
Dr. David Feinberg
UCLA Health

Frank Bliss
Bliss Manufacturing
Jeff Klein
Working for Good
Nancy Carriuolo
Rhode Island College
Cheryl Merchant
President & CEO
Hope Global
Paul Spiegelman
CCO, Stericycle

Erick Oberholtzer
Tender Greens
Lawrence Koh
Col. Deb Lewis
US Army (Retired)
Lt. General Martin Steele
US Marine Corps (Retired)
Dr. Larry Senn
Founder & Chairman
Senn Delaney

Tony Hutti, CEO/Owner
- Northern Indiana

From the Inaugural Heartfelt Leadership Conference:

Graciela Meibar, Vice President, Global Sales Training and Global Diversity for Mattel
Joan Lynch, co-founder & owner, WagTree
Susan Dost, President and CEO, Sheridan In-Home Health Care
Pat Burns, Director of Communications and Investor Relations, SocialWhirled
Peter Samuelson, “serial pro-social entrepreneur”
Pete Linnett, Founder and CEO, Life Adjustment Team

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