FAQs About Heartfelt Leaders

If you know someone who belongs in the Heartfelt Leadership "Be Inspired" gallery, we want to hear from you. Please use our "Nominate a Heartfelt Leader" form.

For tips about identifying and suggesting a Heartfelt Leader, please read on.

What is one of the primary characteristics of a Heartfelt Leader?

We have found that Heartfelt Leaders do not like to talk about themselves, but they love to talk about the missions of their companies, organizations, charities… AND about the people they are grateful to, those who helped make them who they are. They often don’t spend much time talking about those people, because it may seem to self-focused. They don’t realize how authentic, inspiring and contagious telling the stories of the heartfelt people that helped them to become who they are can be to those fortunate to hear them.

How do you measure a Heartfelt Leader?

One of the measures of a Heartfelt Leader is how long their people will keep working for them, with full dedication, when the Heartfelt Leader tells them they won't be able to pay them for a while.

How do I suggest a Heartfelt Leader to be interviewed for the Be Inspired gallery?

If you know a leader in the public or private sector who had a tremendously positive impact on you, who set you up for success, influenced your style, shaped your life or helped you develop the most heartfelt parts of you, please use our Nominate a Heartfelt Leader form. Fill in as much information as you can.

This form goes directly to our Heartfelt Leader interview team.

Can I suggest someone I don't know personally? What if I don’t have their contact information?

Even if you don’t know them personally, please suggest them anyway! If this person has truly inspired you, let us know how you've heard about this person, how they have inspired and / or influenced you and why you think they are a Heartfelt Leader.

Can I suggest a family member, or member of my community, or someone I work for, or one of my professors, or a political figure, or client of mine?

Yes. We have found that Heartfelt Leaders may come from all walks of life. They are often brimming over with gratitude (vs. attitude) and love to share stories about who they are grateful to, how that inspired and informed the best parts of who they are, and finally, how they have tried to pay forward such influences.

Can I nominate myself as a Heartfelt Leader?

Yes, and keep in mind what we have noticed about Heartfelt Leaders is:

  • They don't like to talk about themselves or puff themselves up
  • They love talking about their mission and purpose
  • They really love talking about who inspired them to become who they are and how they are paying it forward

Can I be selected as a Heartfelt Leader for the Be Inspired gallery by becoming a sponsor of the Heartfelt Leadership website?

No, although you may contact us to learn more about becoming a sponsor of the Heartfelt Leadership website. Sponsoring the Heartfelt Leadership website has many benefits, but being automatically selected for a video interview as a Heartfelt Leader is not one of them.

Will it help if I submit multiple nominations, or have my friends or employees nominate the same person several times?

No. But we do review all nominations submitted.

Is there a deadline for suggesting a Heartfelt Leader?

There is no deadline for Heartfelt Leadership candidates to be interviewed for the "Be Inspired" gallery. We accept nominations all the time. Feel free to provide us with as much detail as possible so we can get a full appreciation for the qualities of the Heartfelt Leader you nominate.

Do you pay the Heartfelt Leaders you interview or do you pay those Heartfelt Leaders whose interviews are posted to the Be Inspired gallery?

No. We do not pay Heartfelt Leaders for granting us an interview, nor do we pay them if we post their interview video to our Be Inspired gallery. We do, of course, do our best to provide a convenient, safe, comfortable and professional environment in which to conduct each video. The video may even be conducted in the nominee’s home or office, if that works best for them. We are committed to creating an experience that is fulfilling and well-deserved by each Heartfelt Leader we select.