Mark Goulston, MD

Co-Founder, Co-Curator, Co-Guardian

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As the Co-Founder of Heartfelt Leadership, Dr. Mark Goulston is dedicated to identifying, celebrating, paying tribute to, developing, empowering, emboldening and impassioning heartfelt leaders to heal the world and then change it.

Additionally, as Principal of Mark Goulston, MD, he works with high integrity, motivated, committed, and "failure is not an option" heartfelt leaders, executives, managers, governmental officials and senior military officers to overcome any and all interpersonal and intrapersonal obstacles to achieving their mission, which must in some way include bettering the world.

Dr. Goulston’s approach is direct without being threatening. The leaders, executives and senior managers he coaches walk away from each meeting with Dr. Goulston with a practical, tactical and doable action that they can implement immediately to increase their effectiveness with people both inside and outside their companies and organizations. Although often brought in for remedial solutions, the clients Dr. Goulston works with consistently view their work together as seizing the opportunity to perform better than they ever have and to fulfill their potential and realize possibilities that were beyond what they thought were possible. Dr. Goulston also brings a remarkable access to individuals and outside resources in many areas of the business world that will help the success of the people and companies we work with.

With 30+ years as a clinical and nationally recognized psychiatrist and UCLA professor, a trainer of FBI and police hostage negotiators, an advisor to executives from start-ups to the Fortune 100, a best-selling author, Resident Big Brother to Business Women Rising, and as a nationally syndicated career advice columnist and expert resource to national television, radio and print, Dr. Goulston is well positioned to help people in the Heartfelt Leadership community build stronger relationships and grow themselves and others as more heartfelt individuals and leaders.

Dr. Goulston's development of his skills started with his education: a B.A. from UC Berkeley, an M.D. from Boston University, post graduate residency in psychiatry at UCLA. He went on to be a professor at UCLA's internationally renowned Neuropsychiatric Institute for more than twenty years, become a Fellow of the American Psychiatric Association (the highest award that organization offers) and was named one of America's Top Psychiatrists for 2004-2005 and again in 2009 and 2011 by Washington, D.C. based Consumers' Research Council of America.

Dr. Mark Goulston is the author of six books, including his latest, REAL INFLUENCE: Persuade Without Pushing and Gain Without Giving In, Get Out of Your Own Way at Work...and Help Others Do the Same and his #1 international, kindle and audible best-selling book, "Just Listen" Discover the Secret to Getting Through to Absolutely Anyone (AMACOM, 2009). Mark also blogs for Harvard Business Review, Business Insider, Huffington Post and Psychology Today and he writes the Tribune media syndicated column, "Solve Anything with Dr. Mark”. He is frequently called upon to share his expertise with regard to contemporary business, national and world news by television, radio and print media that has included: Wall Street Journal, Harvard Business Review, Fortune, Newsweek, Time, Los Angeles Times, ABC/NBC/CBS/Fox/CNN/BBC News, Oprah, Today. Dr. Goulston also serves on the Board of Advisors for American Women Veterans and Dr. Oz's Health Corps.

Dr. Goulston lives in Los Angeles with his wife and three children.