Deb Boelkes

Co-Founder, Co-Curator and Co-Guardian

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As the Co-Founder, Co-Curator and Co-Guardian of Heartfelt Leadership, Deb Boelkes is dedicated to identifying, celebrating, paying tribute to, developing, empowering, emboldening and impassioning heartfelt leaders to heal the world and then change it.

Deb Boelkes brings nearly 30 years of business leadership experience to Heartfelt Leadership. Often referred to as a “serial entrepreneur in Fortune 100 clothing”, Deb makes big things happen fast through her strategic vision, team building skills and marketing savvy. A builder of high-performance organizations, Deb is a noted leadership expert and business consultant who has time and again established and built thriving professional services and internet-based services organizations, from the ground up, within global high tech companies and beyond.

Not one to settle for the status quo, Deb set out on a personal mission to change Corporate America, to make it a place where all people thrive, are actively engaged and look forward to going to each day. In 2009, Deb founded Business Women Rising, a leadership development services firm dedicated to accelerating advancement for women and building more collaborative, innovative and inspirational leadership teams. Today, the parent company, Business World Rising, and the Business Women Rising division continue to foster more engaged employees and a stronger pipeline of high-potential executives through unique educational peer mentoring forums specifically designed for leaders at every step on the management career ladder.

Prior to embarking on her entrepreneurial ventures, Deb led Worldwide Business Programs at QLogic Corporation. At Arrow Electronics, Deb directed a Software as a Service (SaaS) line of business and was Advisor to the Chief Compliance Officer. Deb served as Director of Consulting Services at Fujitsu, and at IBM, she established and managed a professional services business unit and was instrumental in the creation of IBM’s Continuous Speech Server Series and other Network Systems division products. Deb began her high tech career as a Systems Engineer at AT&T.

Deb became involved in the information technology industry during her early college days as a Math / Computer Science major at UCLA. She earned her BS degree in Business Administration and her MBA in Management Information Systems from the University of Rhode Island, where she graduated top in her class.

Along with her work as a high-energy advisor, mentor, motivator, coach and consultant to C-level executives and high-achieving leaders in business and beyond, Deb is a sought-after keynote speaker and moderator for corporate, military, university and industry association events around the world. As an inspiring platform speaker specializing in personal, professional and organizational transformation, Deb ignites magic and motivates audiences to achieve success by tapping into their passions. Deb has entertained public, private and not-for-profit organizations spanning military and veteran’s affairs, science and technology, consumer electronics, aerospace and defense, manufacturing, finance, healthcare, marketing and public relations, training and development, higher education, emergency management, young leaders and women in leadership.

Deb Boelkes and her husband, Chris, live in Amelia Island, Florida. They have three grown sons who are spread across the globe.