Heartfelt Leadership

Heartfelt – when you feel something so completely, warmly and deeply from your soul that it informs your beliefs, thinking, actions and how you live in the world.

Leadership – the process of influence in which one person enlists the support of others to accomplish an objective.

Amazingly, when Heartfelt Leadership Co-Founders, Dr. Mark Goulston and Deb Boelkes, first got together in the Spring of 2012 to discuss what they thought the world needed most, they found these two words, Heartfelt and Leadership, had never been put together as a web domain, book title or community.

Yet, even though it may not be a commonly recognized term in the business world or any other venue, the term Heartfelt Leadership communicates something more visceral and profound than situational leadership, principled leadership, authentic leadership, or servant leadership. Those styles of leadership are terrific, but Heartfelt Leadership is something you immediately feel. You intuitively know what it means and know how it feels, because it touches the heartache and heartsickness that too many people feel. In more than 2/3 of the cases, when we speak to people about it, they not only get what it means, but they also say, "Oh, you've got to speak to ------." It is very contagious.

Heartfelt Leadership occurs when both the leader and those he or she leads can feel their mission in their collective hearts. It crosses over seamlessly into a commitment by both the leader and the followers to accomplish the mission. Heartfelt leaders feel their responsibility in their hearts and their followers feel cared about in their hearts.

Heartfelt Leadership is leadership you can believe and believe in.

It comes not a moment too soon because we are slipping from doubt to cynicsm. Once we slip into cynicism, we are in big trouble.

Heartfelt Leadership is:

  • Inspiring vs. Intimidating
  • Coaching vs. Coercing
  • Discerning vs. Judgmental

As a leader, being Heartfelt is a state of pausing and then feeling things as deeply as you can before you take action. Being Heartfelt informs your actions. Being Heartfelt is being more in touch with the humanity of the world. Heartfelt Leadership emboldens a daring… a daring to care… in a world that says you’re a fool if you do.

The opposite of Heartfelt Leadership is ego-driven leadership. Intimidating, indecisive, controlling, coercive, judgmental people are not just heartless, they are courageless, ineffectual and often toxic. They set others up for failure. There is a better way….

Heartfelt Leadership sets you up for success.

The intent of this website, and the focus of our Heartfelt Leadership books and programs, is to recognize heartfelt leaders in business and beyond by documenting their stories about who they are grateful to and the values they have tried to pay forward in their companies and lives.

We see there is an ache in the world…and we intend to prove there is a better way and with your participation we will make this happen.

Whenever you see or experience yet another example of selfishness in the world, we want you to come here, to our Heartfelt Leadership website, and see what we have. Come here to feel satisfied and fulfilled by what you will see, and then share it with others… it will make them feel good and hopeful that there is still hope for the world.

If you feel there is no more hope for the world, come here, to our Heartfelt Leadership website. Let this site be the rising tide that will lift all boats, all people, and everything on the planet. Together, we will create something viral that will repair, heal and change the world for the better.

We believe God created man to come from his heart, not just from his head. The head corrupts what the heart knows to be true. We are giving birth to what we hope will be a movement to help humankind become what it is capable of being. We want you to tell us about the Heartfelt Leaders and others in their lives who you believe are making a difference.

Our Mission is to identify, celebrate, pay tribute to, develop, empower, embolden and impassion heartfelt leaders to heal the world and then change it for the better.

Heartfelt Leadership

Daring to care…

If you are looking for a better way, we believe you will find it here.