Why This

You came to this site because you have said to yourself, “There has got to be a better way.” You think that although there are some happy moments in this world, there is not much joy. You are wondering if Heartfelt Leadership is the answer to the challenge… the model for a new kind of leadership.

We see far too many people who don’t dare to care, or care to care. We see this causing people everywhere to take the approach, "If no one else is going to care about me, then I am not going to care about anyone else." This is spiraling into a malady that is affecting the entire world.

Command and control, my-way-or-the-highway style management just doesn’t work anymore.  For those still using it, it may get you a quick victory, but it will rarely lead to lasting success or growth.

Heartfelt Leadership although compassionate is not soft or squishy. After all, isn’t heart the place that champions reach into to persevere and then triumph after they have hit what seemed to be an insurmountable wall?

We believe that just as reaching in and finding “heart” is what differentiates champions from occasional winners, Heartfelt Leadership is good for business. It delivers better results. It doesn’t mean less return.

It doesn’t mean you don’t think or you don’t lead from your head. However leaders who lead only from their head are often easily corrupted. Logic corrupts what the heart knows to be true.

Thought leaders… leaders who dare to care… have the opportunity to fix that.

You are wondering whether you could be that kind of leader, how to become such a leader and/or how to find like-minded people so you wouldn’t have to take this mission on alone.

Why Now

You’ve had another close encounter of the worst kind at work that caused you to say, “Enough already.” You have an overwhelming ache for something that could and would inspire you and people to be the best they can be.

If we don’t turn this around, we run the risk of everyone being in it only for themselves. This could reduce us to a Darwinian world where as UCLA Coach "Red" Sanders said, "Winning isn’t everything, it’s the only thing." In such a “zero sum” greedy rather than brave new world, everyone eventually loses.

There must be a better way.

Why You

That “Enough already” moment touched you deeply and is not letting you alone. It won’t go away. All your efforts to distract you from it aren’t able to keep you from wanting and needing to respond to your need, your yearning, your ache for a world that you as a leader could affect.

You think, “If there was just another leader in my company who was as smart as me, who was beloved and not just respected, the atmosphere would be so much better… and we would be more productive.”

You came here either because:

  • You ache to believe in your leaders, or
  • You ache to become a heartfelt leader, or
  • You ache to help others become one.

You are looking for a way that will make sense to you, feel sound to you and be doable, by you and all the people you will need to involve in this effort.

Why Us

We have done many things in our combined 100+ years on this planet and we both believe all that time has prepared us for this.

We met at a conference by design. Upon discovering we both believed heartfelt leadership is something the world most needs, yearns for, aches for, is hurting without…neither of us could get it out of our heads.

When we speak to others about it, we viscerally feel what heartfelt leadership means and others resonate with it. We have found people nearly universally know what it means without us having to tell them, which leads us to believe that the ache for heartfelt leadership is widespread.

We feel compelled to turn this into a reality because every day we each hear a voice from the world asking, “Can’t you find us more of these leaders and help us develop more of these leaders, because we are running out of time.”