Heartfelt Leaders

Heartfelt Leaders may be found in all aspects of society, at work, at home or in our communities.

Heartfelt Leaders can have a tremendous positive impact on you. They set you up for success, influence your style, shape your life and help you develop the most heartfelt parts of you. And just as they leave your life better than they found it, they inspire you to “pay that forward” so that you can leave the world better than you found it.

Here are a few more characteristics we often hear:

  • After a conversation with one, or when listening to one, people feel hopeful and say to each other not just, "Yes, we can" but "Yes, we want to" and "Yes, we will!."
  • After having that conversation or speaking to their people and giving them hope, a Heartfelt Leader feels inspired to deliver on what he or she committed.
  • A Heartfelt Leader is someone who:
    • You can trust, emulate and look forward to seeing stop by your desk.
    • Is passionate about what they do and those they are leading.
    • Will inspire you to do your own personal best…and beyond.
    • Works hard but doesn't lose sight of the importance of enjoying the journey.
    • Appreciates the people completing the tasks.
    • Truly cares, as opposed to someone who is merely going through the motions.
    • Takes an interest in you beyond the role you have.
    • Shows empathy, vulnerability and support.
    • Cares about others as much as they care about themselves.
    • Cares about the people, not just about the money.
    • Cares about the individual they are working with, not just the job that needs to get done.
    • Wants to help you grow.
    • Leads by example.
    • Leads with emotional intelligence.
    • Assists others in winning professionally and personally.
    • Helps others find their passion within the mission and vision of the endeavor.
    • Engages, listens, and creates an environment where employees thrive, excel and are high achievers.
    • Guides and encourages you to exceed beyond what you believe you can do.
    • Goes out of their way to care, protect, and mentor you.
    • Devotes themself to making a difference in your professional career.
    • Builds and develops leadership strength within you and across the team.
    • Treats you with respect and helps you learn and grow.
    • Cares for your well-being and takes the time to support you in your endeavors, both personally and professionally.
    • Communicates and connects from their hearts, instead of just their heads.
    • Knows how to LISTEN, how to CARE, how to CONNECT, how to INSPIRE, and how to enhance the RELATIONSHIPS we have with each other…. and with our customers.
    • Produces profound results and makes a difference in our lives.
    • Understands the organization’s success is not because of its products or services, but because of the people who make the business what it is.
    • Personalizes their guidance and support to each individual, based on each person’s career and aspirational goals.
    • Is trustworthy and inspirational.
    • Is genuine and honest.
    • Is authentic.
    • Isn't driven by selfishness.
    • Is not afraid to be real.
    • Inspires us to do onto others what they have done onto us.
    • I would style my own leadership after.
    • I want to be led by.

A Heartfelt Leader is, frankly, the best kind of leader.