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See Dr. Mark Goulston on Good Day LA: Leaders Should Dare To Care About Everybody

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The Specialist's Dilemma and Solution

Many of you are probably familiar with the "specialist's dilemma."  If not, it will quickly become intuitively apparent what that means.  It occurs when the more specialized you are and the more you speak in the jargon of that specialty that is comfortable to you but confounding to others, the more others will nod from the neck up (because it's often difficult for people who are prideful to admit they don't understand you), but then not fully “buy in” when you need their cooperation.  That is because they have to fully trust and have confidence in you, when they don’t have trust or confidence in their understanding of what exactly you do.

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Don’t Let Your “Naysayers” Drive Away Your “Yaysayers

Imagine that the top 10 % of a company are “Yaysayers,” the middle 80 % are “Maybesayers” and the bottom 10 % are “Naysayers.”

If the middle 80 % can be pulled in either direction, the last thing you want is for the “Naysayers” to suck them down into their negativity.  What should you do?

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How to Improve Cooperation - Try a Double Dose of Assertive Humility HBR: To Collaborate More, Try an Olive Branch on Steroids

With the exception of “dyed-in-the-wool” unforgiving types (you know, the ones who seem to delight in ruining family holiday dinners), one of the things that nearly the rest of all other people are defenseless against is a sincere, earnest, unsolicited apology.

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Bottom Line Secrets - Shrewd Hiring Tips Well for All Businesses 

reprinted from, June 1, 1999, Bottom Line Secrets

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