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There has got to be a better way



See Dr. Mark Goulston on Good Day LA: Leaders Should Dare To Care About Everybody

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Warren Bennis (1925-2014) - A Personal Remembrance

My last living mentor, Warren Bennis died on 7/31 at the age of 89 from an age related illness.  Warren was not just admired and respected; he was beloved.  I think it was because within two minutes of meeting him you got this feeling that you could trust him to never hurt you. That's a rare quality in this world and I remember him appearing pleased to be characterized that way.

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What's THEIR Why? A Formula for World Peace

Brandeis + Zuckerberg + Sinek + Mothers = World Peace

Before you read this... "Just Listen"

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Israel vs. Hamas - Try a Little Mirror Neuron Diplomacy

First seek to understand and then be understood- Stephen Covey

 Without truly understaning each other’s position and more importantly understanding how each side came to believe, draw conclusions and view the world, there is little hope for a lasting peace between Israel and the PLO and especially its more extreme Hamas faction.

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Healing the World, One Conversation at a Time

What if...

Every conversation that is taking place between Republican and Democrat, US and Russia, Israel and Hammas, husband and wife, parent and child where people are talking at or over each other could immediately change to people talking with each other.

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Overcome Any Obstacle

Step 1: Own It — It wasn’t a bad dream… it happened.  Accept that it happened.
Step 2: Desired Outcome — Now what?
Step 3: Control — What you can do without needing anyone else to move towards that desired outcome?
Step 4: Influence — What is something you can’t do, that you will need others to provide and a plan for influencing them?
Step 5: Response-ability — What you actually do back towards the environment after you have gone through steps 1-4.

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What Zuckerberg Can Learn from Spielberg 

Build credibility, fulfill potential, find your purpose

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Help Wanted: A Politician We Can Trust

The gap between “In God We Trust” and "In politician we trust" is wide enough to drive (and lose) our future through.

I recently attended the William O. Douglas Awards presented at the Public Counsel Dinner in Los Angeles.  The marquee honoree was Hillary Clinton.  She deftly dodged the question of being a Presidential candidate for 2016, but gave a terrific presentation sharing a number of memorable stories.

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"You can do better"

How often have you heard the assessment from a parent, boss, manager or coach, “You can do better?”

And how often have you interpreted that to mean, “You’re not good enough,” “You’re crap,” “This is not good enough,” “This is crap,” etc.?

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