Criteria for Membership

Membership in the Heartfelt Leadership community is not right for everyone. Is it right for you?

If you have never been inspired enough to take action, membership may not be right for you… that is unless all your life you have been hungry and eager to be inspired, but you never came across a Heartfelt Leader to inspire you.

You may be skeptical. You may be distrustful. You may have been hurt or disappointed many times in your life and be reluctant to believe. But if you are a died-in-the-wool naysaying cynic and refuse to believe, membership is not right for you.

But if you have had at least one experience in your life when you were inspired enough to take action, membership may be right for you.

If what you find on this website inspires you, or if you ache to believe in your leaders, or you ache to become a heartfelt leader, or you ache to help others become one, membership may be right for you.

Membership in the Heartfelt Leadership community requires that you have an ability and desire to express genuine enthusiasm and sincere remorse.

By enthusiasm you must be able to look into the eyes of the people you believe in and say and mean, "You can do this!"

Remorse means being able to look into the eyes of people you have hurt and allow them see that you see their pain. Compare that to regret - even sincere regret - is more intellectual and more hollow. It means saying “Okay, I’ve done wrong. Can we just move on?" Remorse requires that you can say to them “I disappointed, hurt and broke something in you and this is what I will do to correct it so you can trust me in the future and you can hold me accountable. I am going to do everything in my power to earn back not just your trusting in me, but your believing in me. And in your believing in me again, so will you see that I not only dare to care, but I am able to care”.

If you believe you are capable of this, membership may be right for you.

By registering as a member, you agree to provide us with your email address. One of the reasons we want your email address is not just to connect with you, which we will do. It also means that we will curate this site to ensure those who participate are themselves Heartfelt Leaders, or are sincere in wanting to become one and / or help others to become one. We may need to contact you to help guide you on that journey. Or we may need to contact you to notify you when you cause us to believe membership is not right for you.

On this website we invite dissent, but we will keep out disrespect. We do not discriminate against groups of people, but we do discriminate against disrespectful individuals. Heartfelt authority is never arbitrary authority….it takes into account what is best for everyone and then makes a decision based on what’s best for the majority and is aligned with the core values of this community as seen in the "About" section of this site.

We want you to spread the word that Heartfelt Leadership is possible. We want you to think of the Heartfelt people who have helped you develop and who brought out the best in you. We want you to tell us about them and introduce them to us, so they too will get to be in the company of Heartfelt people, just like them and you.

Together we will change the world for the better…because if not this, what? If not now, when? And if not you and us, who?