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There has got to be a better way



See Dr. Mark Goulston on Good Day LA: Leaders Should Dare To Care About Everybody

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"Bah Humbug" Prevention

It’s the most terrible time of the year

Disappointment is merely an unmet expectation; it’s only when you imbue it with negative meanings that it becomes painful.

World English Dictionary


dys-        prefix

  1. diseased, abnormal, or faulty: dysentery; dyslexia
  2. difficult or painful: dysuria, dysthymia
  3. unfavorable or bad: dylogistic

[via Latin from Greek dus- ]

How many people do you know that handle disappointment well?

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How India Changed My Life

I recently returned from my first trip to India where I spoke on communication and conflict mastery in Mumbai, Bangalore and Delhi. I was told the trip would be life changing. It was.

At least with the people I met, hidden agendas were nowhere to be found. Even the beggars and people who pushed their products, monkeys, cobras and small children on their arms on me had no hidden agendas. What a contrast from looking into another American's eyes and nearly always sensing some personal agenda and effort to manipulate or at least maneuver you to get their way.


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