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Are you a blessing?

I have often suggested my executive coaching clients might do well to think of themselves as role models to others. I say this because they ARE role models, regardless of whether they see themselves in that light. When they are confronted with a challenge, I ask them, "What would YOUR role model do?"...referring to that person they most admire and who helped instill their values.   When they answer me, I generally say, "Why not do that?".

Always think of yourself as being a role model and you may find you start getting better results. Seems simple enough., my favorite commentator on the Jacksonville radio station I listen to while driving, signed off with: "Be blessed and be a blessing to others".

Wow. "Be blessed and be a blessing to others". That one really made me stop and think. I almost had to pull over. Just when I have finally gotten comfortable with the awareness that, like it or not, I AM a role model to others...with every action I take. Now I have to look harder in the mirror. Am I a BLESSING to others?

For better or worse, you can be a role model by accident. But to truly be a blessing, you have to take deliberate action...based on knowledge gained from truly understanding where the other person is coming from.  You have to observe and you have to listen to them. As Dr. Mark would say, you have to meet them in "their where". hit me hard that actually "being a blessing to others" is in a whole different league than just being a role model (as if doing that was simple!).  

Intentionally "being a blessing to others" will actually cause me to have to stop and think about what the other person would consider a "blessing".  It doesn't matter what I think is a blessing. Being a blessing is all in the other person's measure. You can only be a blessing if THEY think you are, in their own space. To be a blessing to others, you have to be aware of what THEY feel they need, deep down inside.  A blessing is something you are grateful for.

I think this will definitely cause me to up my game. 

How do you go about being a blessing to others? What do you think?

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