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Think of companies like Costco, Trader Joe’s, Whole Foods Market, Patagonia, Zappos, The Container Store and Southwest Airlines.

Question: What do each of these companies have in common besides great products, great services and great customer service?

Answer: When you walk through their door, you feel immediately immersed in a positive (vs. negative) culture, where gratitude seems to have replaced attitude and where people seem genuinely happy to work there… and they are happy to see and serve you.

Heartfelt Leadership has studied these companies, we’ve visited them, we’ve observed them first hand and we’ve purchased their products and services. We’ve interviewed the people who work there to discover the ingredients of their secret sauce. We’ve learned much from these companies, as well as from other beloved industry leaders like them.

As a result, we’ve uncovered just what it is that causes regular people (people with good and bad traits in their personalities, and with happy and unhappy aspects in their personal lives) to bring their best and most positive selves to work. We have the recipe that makes negativity alien to each of these cultures.

Based on all this research and knowledge, our Be More Successful consulting, coaching, training and mentoring programs will be game changers for your organization, enabling you and your team to:

  • Turn employees and customers into raving fans
  • Have employees and customers rate your organization a 10 on the Net Promoter Score (i.e. "Would you recommend this company to a friend to buy from or work for?")
  • Have the best people wanting to work for your company and you
  • Leave your company, organization or industry much better than you found it

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