The Inaugural Heartfelt Leadership Conference

was a Big Success

Thank you to all our Heartfelt Participants!

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Experience a day of transcendence and transformation

Don’t miss the opportunity to attend the inaugural Heartfelt Leadership Conference to be held

Thursday, July 25th, 2013
Gallup Corporation
18300 Von Karman Avenue, 10th Floor, Irvine, CA.

This event is open to the public.

The purpose of this and future Heartfelt Leadership Conferences, which will be held in major cities around the world, is to bring together inspirational leaders who are known to be very heartfelt from successful companies, to connect with an array of individuals and business leaders who desire to be more successful in business and in life.

Doors will open at 8:00 AM for registration, continental breakfast and informal networking. The meeting will be held from 8:30 AM to 3:30 PM and will include a networking luncheon.

At this event, our co-founders, Deb Boelkes and best-selling author, Dr. Mark Goulston will interview:
Joan Lynch - highly decorated television and film executive
Graciela Meibar - Vice President, Mattel
Pat Burns – Director of Communication and Investor Relations for SocialWhirled
Susan Dost – Award winning President & CEO, Sheridan Home Care
Pete Linnett – Founder and Chairman, Life Adjustment Team
Peter Samuelson – Producer of 25 films and serial pro-social entrepreneur
These recognized heartfelt business leaders will share their stories of where, when and from whom they learned to care, how they have remained true to that value when faced with people who don't care, and what that part of their identity means to them.

Attendees will have the opportunity to share their own stories and explore strategies of how they can become role model heartfelt leaders (i.e. a successful leader, who others believe and believe in), in a world that says you’re a fool if you do.


This session is NOT for everyone.  It's definitely not for those who are satisfied with the status quo of today's business world. But it IS for anyone who is seriously looking for a better way.


Let’s face it, command and control, “my way or the highway” style management just doesn’t work anymore. If you have ever felt an overwhelming ache to find something that could inspire you and those around you to be the best they can be, this is the session for you.


You ache to believe in your leaders, or
You ache to become a more Heartfelt Leader, or
You ache to help others to become one.


Find out how Heartfelt Leadership sets you up for success.

Many benefits are available to our sponsors. If your company is interested in sponsoring a future event, click here.


Unsolicited communications from attendees:

Dear Deb,

Thanks too for a wonderful conference where deep conversation could emerge.  You and Mark certainly created the environment for that to happen and it was great being a part of your launch.  The message, the passion and the commitment you both have to creating more heartfelt leaders is so appreciated and needed.  Thank you for doing the work that you both are doing to make the kind of difference that will change our world coming from our hearts become the norm rather than the exception.

Many blessings…Susan

Thank you both for the wonderful heartfelt conference!  You kept everyone's interest and engagement for the entire day....not an easy task!  Kathryn

Dear Mark and Deb,

 I want to take the time to thank you both for what you are doing to encourage people to believe in their ability to be heartfelt. I appreciate the effort and time it takes you to continue to inspire people with your insights and experience through the process of trying to do better.

 I have had an opportunity to ruminate the last few days since the HL Conference in Irvine. Here is what struck me:

 1. Many of the participants made comments about wanting to change the current negative management culture that they were experiencing. My observation is that we can't change anyone or anything else except ourselves by BE-ing  the change we want to SEE.

 Doing what is right, from a heartfelt place allows us to "BE" by example and show that HL has a place. When others see the positive end results of conflict resolution in a heartfelt manner, those with awareness can recognize there is a better way and seek it for themselves. It isn't enough to talk about it, but talking about it allows us to reinforce the skills and ideas to have better daily practice when those challenges arise.

 2. Many of the participants commented on their inability to be themselves in the workplace. I was fairly overwhelmed by the number of folks who raised their hands when the question arose, "Are you the same person at home as you are at work?". The majority of the room raised their hand to respond, "NO". A person forced to be disingenuous to protect their occupation, isn't being true to one's self. It might be time for those people to decide if their career choices are moving them forward or holding them back in their heart. Your speakers love their work - their passion has allowed them to do amazing things, for others because they CAN be heartfelt - they followed the calling of their heart. (For a great positive energetic deposit to your day, go to and watch the video of this young woman, Maggie Doyne who is the definition of what I understand a heartfelt leader to be. It is amazing!)

 3. Development of Heartfelt Leadership and male dominated management. The only way to improve is to expose the tenents of HL to young people. It won't matter if the management is male or female if the leaders are truly heartfelt. Those could be done through pioneering school leadership programs within school government.

I hope that you will continue your pioneering work to help us all incorporate HL into our lives, on every level.  I am so grateful for your efforts .  

Thank you, Alisha

From the HL Executives we interviewed:

  • Thanks for including me in that special day. It was truly up lifting, nothing I wouldn't do for Mark as he always opens me and never closes me.
  • It was a pleasure and honor to be in the room! 
  • Wonderful day.  Enjoyed every minute.  Thanks to Deb and Mark.  Superb!  Thank you.