In-house Heartfelt Leadership Event

Let’s face it, command and control, “my way or the highway” style management just doesn’t work anymore. THERE IS A BETTER WAY!

Your own in-house Heartfelt Leadership Conference will be designed specifically to take your workplace to a whole new level of team work, collaboration, engagement, productivity and profitability. This in-house conference, which may be held at an off-site location of your choosing, will recognize and celebrate those role model leaders within your organization who have inspired others around them to be the best they can be, in business and in life.

At your special event, Heartfelt Leadership Co-Founders, Deb Boelkes and Dr. Mark Goulston, will interview your company’s most recognized heartfelt team leaders, managers and executives. These recognized leaders will share their stories of where, when and from whom they learned their caring values, how they have remained true to those values even when faced with people who sometimes seem to care about nothing but themselves, what that part of their identity means to them, and what benefits have been realized by their organizations as a result.

Other employees will also have the opportunity to share their own stories and insights, and through small group exercises, each attendee will explore strategies of how they too can become a role model heartfelt leader (i.e. a successful leader, who others believe and believe in).

Attendees will leave this event with the desire, the confidence, the plan and the commitment to be more successful in business and in life.


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