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Harvard Commencement 2013 - Jon Murad, NYPD, MPA '13 

John Adams was dead wrong. Success doesn’t mean rising to the top, it means changing the world. - Jon Murad.

I was pleased to watch him live and see him get a standing ovation from everyone, including Oprah.


Here's how one CEO treats his customers with respect and compassion

While this isn't a recent article, it's a great story about David T. Feinberg, President of UCLA Health, Chief Executive Officer of UCLA Hospital System, and Associate Vice Chancellor of UCLA Health Sciences - In Action.

Do you treat your customers like members of your own family? Do others in your company treat them that way? Do your providers treat you that way?

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How Would Your Employees Describe You?

From HBR: How to Really Understand Someone Else by Mark Goulston and John Ullmen based on their book, REAL INFLUENCE: Persuade Without Pushing and Gain Without Giving In (Amacom, 2013)

(Stay Tuned for the Heartfelt Leadership video interview with Mike Critelli)

Mike Critelli, former CEO of the extraordinarily successful company, Pitney Bowes was one of the highly prestigious Good to Great CEOs featured in the seminal book by Jim Collins on how the most successful businesses achieve their results.

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Learning to Care - Lawrence Koh, CEO, IDP

Lawrence Koh is one of the seminal thought leaders at Conscious CapitalismKoh is the founder of The UTOPIA Project, which seeks to relieve the effects of poverty by creating jobs opportunities to manufacture and distribute UTOPIA-branded products worldwide. Profits from the Project are used to provide food, clothing, shelter, clean water, education, personal development programs, and skill training to those in need.

He also founded the Students for a Better Tomorrow Foundation (SBT), which mentors youth in relationship-building and entrepreneurial business skills. In 2003 he received the America’s Promise–Marketable Skills Award for his work in empowering teens.

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A Heartfelt Leader's Last Steps