Master the Art of Getting Through to Anyone
9 Basic Rules to Overcome the Barriers

Take command of gaining buy-in, in any situation.

CEOs and other senior leaders often tell us, “Talking to so-and-so is like hitting a brick wall”. You can probably think of several people in your life, right now, who are driving you crazy. You’ve tried everything - logic, persuasion, forcefulness, pleading, anger - but you hit a wall every time.

Face it, almost all communication is an effort to get through to people and cause them to do something different. If you are dealing with a defiant executive, angry employees, self-destructive management teams, or even your spouse and kids, it can be especially challenging. Maybe you are trying to talk some sense in to them. Maybe you approach them with reason and facts, to work cooperatively toward solutions, but you find nothing seems to work. You’re tired of thinking to yourself, “Now What?”.

If you’ve read Dr. Mark’s international best-selling book, Just Listen, then you know it’s possible to get through to absolutely anyone, even in the most desperate situations, simply by changing your approach. But changing your approach on your own is sometimes easier said than done.

That’s why we have created this short, simple and effective program for CEOs and senior leaders – to enable you to masterfully leverage the methods presented in Just Listen to effectively overcome the barriers you are facing in your own real-life situations. The techniques you will learn in this program work for hostage negotiators, and they will work for you, no matter who you are dealing with. Our techniques are easy to learn, and we’ll help you try them out so you can hit the ground running.

  • Module 1: Get through to yourself - fast
  • Module 2: Rewire yourself to listen
  • Module 3: Check your dissonance at the door
  • Module 4: Be more interested that interesting
  • Module 5: Make the other person “feel felt”
  • Module 6: Make people feel valuable
  • Module 7: Help people exhale – emotionally
  • Module 8: When All Seems Lost
  • Module 9: Steer clear of toxic people

Each module is typically conducted as a hands-on, 90-minute session – customizable for your organizational needs.

Supporting materials may include real life case studies, role play and small group exercises, introspective worksheets, and more.

Modules are available individually, and may be delivered in any order, giving you the flexibility to select the module that is most urgently needed – like an antibiotic, delivered directly at the point of need.

Modules may be combined for delivery in half-day or full-day sessions and each is ideally suited for incorporation into a transformational executive retreat.

The entire 9-module series may be conducted in an action-packed 1 1/2-day session.

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