Executive Onboarding Program

Streamline the path to success for the new executive and get a new culture started on the right foot.

According to a recent study, sixty four percent of new executives hired from the outside won’t make it in their current jobs. Forty percent will fail within the first 18 months, reports another.

Successful executive onboarding practices can significantly aid the transition process, position new executives for success, increase the alignment between the individual and company, accelerate the learning, assimilation and performance curves, and prevent executive turnover.

Heartfelt Leadership Executive onboarding is a customizable best-practice program typically includes two to four days of on-site facilitation, conducted over the course of the new executive’s first 90-days. This proven program can help you:

  • Gain mutual understanding of your / your Senior Leadership Team’s / your direct report’s strengths, styles, visions and aspirations
  • Build mutual trust
  • Foster team development
  • Inspire direct reports
  • Gain rapid alignment
  • Achieve early wins
  • Kick-start culture shift from attitude to gratitude

A sample of Power Tools that may be included:

  • Heartfelt Leadership’s Out of the Gate Onboarding Tool
  • Heartfelt Leadership Attitude Adjustment Tool
  • Heartfelt Manager Dream Tool
  • What Your Employees Want and Need to Know Tool
  • Getting Corporate Culture Started on the Right Foot Tool
  • The Heartfelt Leadership 30-day Alignment Tool
  • The Heartfelt Leadership 90-day Shift Happens Tool

Ensure success for the newest members of your senior leadership team.


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