Darrell Janssen


Darrell Janssen is a technical expert for the oil & gas industry. He eventually earned his spot as an Engineering Manager for a prestigious international drilling contractor.

During his thirty five-year career as a supervisor there, Darrell decided it was time for a change of leadership beliefs and earned his B.B.A. degree in Management from the University of British Columbia. In addition to work, Darrell is a regular contributor to leadership forums and groups, plus an enthusiastic golfer.

Darrell has travelled extensively throughout the world and applies his heartfelt leadership skills in the most diverse regions. Darrell has been categorized as a complete person and a humble leader. His practical, down-to-Earth manner has earned him accolades from some of the most celebrated personalities. He currently works and resides in South Korea with his wife DP along with their hamster Boo-Boo.

Darrell can be contacted at darrell-janssen.com.