Heartfelt Leadership Culture Shift Program

Move your organization into high gear

In many organizations today, employees and leaders alike want change. Sometimes no one is satisfied with the status quo. Employees long for strong leadership to provide a clear vision…leadership who will change things for the better. Senior leaders long for competent employees who will implement the vision…the vision that is sure to change things for the better. Yet most CEOs and Senior Executives and their staffs find changing culture is like pushing a rope. No matter how clearly the vision is articulated, people are resistant to change. Sometimes change takes place, but little gets better, or worse yet, the wrong kind of change happens.

Heartfelt Leadership has studied dozens of the world’s most beloved and profitable companies. We’ve visited them, we’ve observed them first hand and we’ve interviewed the people who work there to discover the ingredients of their secret sauce for building industry leading organizations with engaged cultures where people thrive and profitability is the norm. We’ve learned much from these companies and we’ve found culture matters.

But perhaps changing your culture is not in your best interest. Perhaps there are aspects of your business and your culture that work well and are worth keeping. Perhaps some aspects of your culture simply need a tune-up. Maybe something less dramatic than a heart transplant will deliver healthier, more immediate results. Organizational culture should be intentionally and artfully shaped.

Shift culture, don’t change it.

Heartfelt Leadership has the Culture Shift consultation experts who know the secrets to doing just that. We have the tools and the techniques that will enable you to maximize team effectiveness by shifting your culture to one of gratitude vs. attitude, where resistance and negativity can be virtually eliminated to create an environment where a can-do spirit and organizational agility become norm.

A sample of Power Tools that may be included:


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