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There has got to be a better way



See Dr. Mark Goulston on Good Day LA: Leaders Should Dare To Care About Everybody

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In a Siloed World, The Bottom Line is King

Mi silo es su silo, mais su silo es no mi silo

Read my lips: In a siloed world, only the people in your silo that share your passion want to understand how and why your product or service works. For nearly everyone else, all they care about is the bottom line.

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Alibaba's Success Formula - Customers 1st, Employees 2nd, Shareholders 3rd 

Jack Ma, Founder and CEO of Alibaba, has been speaking around the world espousing his philosophy of putting customers first, employees second, shareholders third.

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Why Founders and CEO's Can't Stand People (Problems)

I love vision, I love strategy, I love mankind… I just can’t stand people (problems)

- Entrepreneur and CEO who preferred not to be named

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Healing the World, One Conversation at a Time - Mondays at the Mission

The Journey to Heal the World, One Conversation at a Time Begins...

What do you say to a group of homeless 10-to-17-year-olds living with their single mothers at one of the largest homeless shelters in the country, in one of the most drug and crime infested parts of Los Angeles?

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(Unsolicited) Advice to Pimco, Janus and Bill Gross

To Pimco: A visionary, our kingdom, market share and future for a visionary.
To Janus: If you want to succeed, Cook your Apple.
To Bill Gross: Being f— you brilliant doesn’t excuse a f— you attitude.

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Heartfelt Leadership introduces the "Diamond Rule" 

The Golden Rule: Do Onto Others As You Would Have Them To Onto You

The Platinum Rule: Do Onto Others As They Would Have You Do Onto Them

The Diamond Rule: Do Onto Others As Someone Special Did Onto You

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What does "Daring to Care" mean?

If you're not taking the time and making the effort to find out what really matters to your client and then have that matter to you more than what you care about, you're not in the service business, you're in sales. And if what matters to your client equals what matters to you, you're not in the service or sales business, you're in the exchange business.

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8/25/14 Webinar How to Overcome Resistance to Change in Others and Yourself

If you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change – Wayne Dyer

What if we considered that resistance doesn’t exist, but rather what exists is each person needing to persist in what they believe to be true which informs their identities and which they will protect from anything or anyone else telling them any differently?

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