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Calling All Consultants! How Sticky Are You? a consulting firm comes up with a solution to a problem in the desert and nobody cares about it, does it make a difference... and does the company that hired it renew or decide "to go in a different direction"?

Q: How often at the end of a consulting contract or after a client company has used you for a year, do they say, "Our only regret is that we didn't hire you five years ago. What other capabilities do you have and how scalable are you because going forward we want to use you extensively and immediately at many levels and in many departments of our company?"

A: Read my lips.  You know the answer... "NEVER!" That question never happens.  Are we correct?

That is because too many consultants and consulting firms identify needs and problems and provide answers (and often very reasonable and sound ones) to satisfy them and naively believe the value of those solutions is enough to create long lasting business relationships...

Wrong again!

To create stickiness and cause client companies to ask the question above, requires causing them to:

  1. Gotta have you
  2. Gotta have you now
  3. Want to grab and hold onto what you do for them
  4. Increase their momentum towards wanting you even more and more of you

We like to call that: The continuous "Whoa" and "Wow" that hooks people and keeps them hooked and continuing to want even more.

Do you have the "right stuff" that results in all of the above? If not, then it should come as no surprise why too often your client companies at the end of your contract instead of wanting much more of you, will instead say, "Thank you very much.  We've decided to go in another direction."

Heartfelt Leadership, which on face value may seem too soft for many highly analytical and transactional people, has by getting to the heart of what makes people go "Whoa!" "Wow!" and then "gotta have you," "gotta have you now," discovered ways to help you be not just "heartfelt," but "sticky."

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