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Calling All PTSD Programs for Veterans - The Ultimate Question share this with any soldiers or veterans you know that have PTSD and have undergone or are currently receiving treatment for it and with any programs you know of that are providing treatment for PTSD.

"When I come home from Iraq, I just want to help people." - Evan Ashcraft (5/22/79 - 6/24/03)

As many of you know or don't know, I have a passion and a commitment to help soldiers and returning veterans successfully transition to civilian life.  That is because I didn't serve in Vietnam and have high school classmates whose names are on the Vietnam Veterans Memorial Wall. It is also because while my children were safely away at college, I had friends whose adult children were getting killed in the Iraq and Afghanistan such as Evan Ashcraft. And finally, when I was writing PTSD for Dummies, I immersed myself in the problem of PTSD and the enormous suffering it causes.

Also as many of you may or may not think, the high rate of PTSD and high rate of suicide in our courageous young men and women who put themselves in harm's way so that you and I can enjoy freedom is not acceptable and you and I need to do more.

To that end, I would like for any and all programs now treating soldiers and veterans to ask the Ultimate Question to all soldiers and veterans they are treating or have treated. The Ultimate Question was developed by Fred Reichfeld to evaluate customer satisfaction by having them answer the single question: "Would your recommend us to a friend?" He also developed the Net Promotor Score (NPS) to have customers rate on a scale of 1 to 10 whether they'd recommend a product, service or company to a friend.

First, please have them answer the question: "What treatment have you had for PTSD and would you recommend it to a fellow veteran or soldier with PTSD?" Yes or No.

Next, have them rate where they were on the following continuum before and then after taking a program to treat PTSD.

Finally, have them list what those programs would need to consistently provide and would need to stop entirely for them to raise their ratings.

Than have them email their answers to us at: and write PTSD on the Subject line.

Their answers will be held in confidence and the results tabulated.  No information from any single person will be shared with anyone, ever.

We at Heartfelt Leadership are just looking to help our brave young men and women and this is a first step to find out directly from them the status of the treatment they are receiving and its effectiveness.

God bless our men and women who are or have served in the armed forces and God bless all of you.

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