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Failure to Communicate and the Mirror Neuron Gap

Mirror Neurons are located in our brain and are thought to be the region that underlies imitation, learning and empathy. When they are not functioning properly, they are thought to be implicated in autism. The difference between how much we psychologically adapt to and care about others vs. how much we experience others as psychologically adapting to and caring about us determines our Mirror Neuron Gap.

The concept of the Mirror Neuron Gap (previously referred to as the Mirror Neuron Receptor Deficit) is the core concept underlying "Just Listen" Discover the Secret to Getting Through to Absolutely Anyone. The idea is that the more we "mirror" others especially from the position and values of seeking to be of service, the more likely they are to open themselves up to us, be grateful and want to return that generosity of spirit.

Therefore, when people inspire and motivate you (a.k.a. higher purpose), it narrows your Mirror Neuron Gap.

When people frustrate and exasperate you (a.k.a. hidden or explicit self-serving agenda), it widens your Mirror Neuron Gap. Sometimes widening the gap will challenge you to become stronger and smarter, which is good.  However is the gap is too wide, your focus shifts entirely to protecting and defending yourself, largeley because you Amygdala has hijacked you away from your ability to think.

The article below lists 20 of the most egregious behaviors from Marshall Goldsmith's mega best seller, What Got Your Here, Won't Get You There, What makes them so egregious is that they all widen the Mirror Neuron Gaps in other people. If you do any of these and want to narrow that gap, do the opposite.


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