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A Moon Mission for the Millennial Generation

What's YOUR Moon Mission?

Reader Comments (1)

Mark, we're all on air!

I can't think of any greater mission than to seek love and discover it. The moon doesn't have any light of it's own...therefore, I would suggest that it isn't necessary to "put" anything on the moon that isn't there already! One thing threads one moment to the next. Love.

Also, I wanted to comment on your friend Garry Ridge's presentation that I enjoyed listening to very much and I invite anyone interested in heartfelt leadership to listen. Being interested gets things moving! Shared mission.

It is said, that "wise people know that they don't know". It's a great start to beginning to know because, when we believe that we know when in fact we don't, it proves to be limiting. Ignorance (and I might add pride) the root cause of misery.

If there is a jar full of coins all originating from the same source, wouldn't you agree that our ultimate wellness is in the recognition and awareness that all is love?

We don't see the banker for the coins, maybe.

When someone such as a hostage negotiator goes in there to save someone that's messed up, I have to think that saving his/her life and preventing others from being harmed has a great deal to do with respect for something much greater than what meets the eye on the outside.

There's no need to be in the dark. All we have is time and opportunity. What needs to happen will. What doesn't won't. Leading requires surrendering to the leader. Love!!!

October 10, 2013 | Registered CommenterMark Johnson
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