Kelly McInroy-Edwards


Kelly began his journey in leading from the heart as a young teen on a farm. His early beginnings in animal husbandry taught him responsibility, accountability, care and the important role he served for another being. His passion toward animals was the beginning that opened his heart toward thinking about others and that passion led him to leadership roles in youth community service clubs at many levels.

This continued throughout his education, serving as President of Eastern Washington University’s chapter of Alpha Kappa Psi Professional Business Fraternity and serving as Student Services Coordinator where he developed leadership seminars geared toward augmenting traditional business curriculums as a means to forward student thinking beyond classroom textbooks.

After graduating with a BA in Management and Marketing from Eastern Washington University, Kelly accepted an internship for a market research firm in Alaska. Exploring social issues and coordinating research activities across remote regions of the state offered rare perspectives into understanding diverse native Alaskans and subsistence lifestyles.

Kelly transitioned into the financial services industry and real estate lending. For nearly 20 years, he has worked in relationship management and leading teams never being afraid of challenging the status quo of top-down, hierarchical, authoritative management focused on numbers as a means to inspire people to produce more. His focus on people first, understanding through listening, empowering his colleagues to be entrepreneurial, engaging and forming relationships has not only produced positive outcomes, but has also been recognized as a model in his organization for other teams to follow. In addition, he has served on diversity councils and recruitment conferences around diversity, and delivered team-building presentations in his organization.

For Kelly, leadership is a journey and this blog and his contributions are truly about helping You, in your own journey. He has been witness to the neglect of smart, talented people in favor of the self-centered and endured the fear of diversity in managers unwilling to understand. He has also experienced the power of being openly heartfelt and how it can transform both individuals and teams into achieving great outcomes. There is a better way and collectively, it can be achieved.

Constantly valuing perspective and the diversity of humanity and nature, Kelly has traveled with his partner, Kevin and their sons all over the world, but calls Portland, Oregon home.